About Pray

Pray Watches

Our Mission

Developed to exceed expectations of the typical statement watch, PRAY® watches are Swiss-made timepieces with a simple-yet-profound message: there is always time for reflection.

Our Story

Samuel Baffo founded PRAY® watches in 2010 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He first became fascinated with wrist watches in 1979 when he met a man who traveled extensively throughout his lifetime. Samuel asked why the traveler wore two wristwatches. The man’s response was straightforward – while traveling, two watches allowed him to set different time zones on each watch and besides, he loved watches! That one encounter sparked Samuel’s intrigue, which quickly evolved into fascination and love for watches.

Samuel spent countless hours studying the history, mechanics and artistry of watchmaking. As he evolved from hobbyist to enthusiast, Samuel’s timepiece education broadened further by working at retail shops to gain a deeper knowledge of the industry.

PRAY® watches emerged after nearly 30 years of research, “one evening while sitting in our Manhattan apartment, meditating on the day’s events.” Samuel united his passion for fine watches and deep connection to prayer and contemplation.

Here & Now

PRAY® watches are designed in the United States and manufactured by our Swiss partners in the Jura Mountains.

No matter how fast-paced the world can be, PRAY® watches remind us of what is really important: hope, positivity and creativity. All is possible when one takes time to reflect.